The United States-Iran Chamber of Commerce is a nationwide chamber of commerce based in Washington, DC. The Chamber provides its expertise on Iran-related trade matters, and serves the Iranian-American business community. The Chamber has served as a leading organization in understanding the outcomes and implications of the JCPOA and wind down process, sanctions laws and regulations, and broader international trade developments within the MENA region. The Chamber’s trade and legal team provides guidance to business owners, while the Chamber’s government expertise helps members to engage their representatives and network within the community. 

In light of its position in Washington, DC, and unique role as a chamber of commerce, the Chamber is sought after to provide its expertise and insight. As such, the Chamber advises on and responds to a wide range of inquiries and requests from businesses and other entities. 

Members of the Chamber receive a variety of exclusive benefits, including access to services at member rates. If you have further questions relating to the services below, or need help determining which membership is right for you, please contact us at