Past Events & Appearances

8th Advanced International Trade Compliance and Modernization Conference, Washington, DC

In April 2018, the Chamber’s trade compliance team prepared a presentation on the JCPOA and upcoming deadlines before an audience of lawyers and compliance professionals.

Trade Policy Forum Meeting, Washington, DC

In February 2018, the Chamber presented on Iran- and trade-related topics at the monthly meeting of the Trade Policy Forum.

National Council on International Trade and Development Meeting, Washington, DC

In November 2017, the Chamber’s Director of Trade Compliance & Government Relations delivered a presentation on decertification, trade-related emerging issues, and due diligence.

Sanctions Risk Management Symposium, The Princeton Club, New York City, NY

In September 2017, the Chamber’s Director of Trade Compliance & Government Relations served as a panelist on a panel titled,  “Navigating Increasingly Complex Sanctions Regimes Against Iran, Russia and Cuba: Hot Button Issues,” which addressed US sanctions and trade issues involving Cuba, Iran and Russia. Following the panel, Chamber staff led an Iran-specific roundtable at the symposium.

American Association of Exporters & Importers Export Controls & Compliance Seminar, Washington, DC

In May 2017, the Chamber’s Director of Trade Compliance spoke at the AAEI Export Controls & Compliance Seminar hosted by Mayer Brown in Washington, DC. Together with three officials from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the panel, titled “Demystifying US Sanctions,” addressed US sanctions and trade issues involving Cuba, Iran and Russia.

7th International Trade Compliance Conference, Chicago, IL

In May 2017, Chamber staff led an Iran sanctions workshop focused on due diligence at the 7th International Trade Compliance Conference in Chicago.

Appalachian Hardwood Region visit, Petersburg, WV

In March 2017, Chamber staff met with a West Virginian company located in the Appalachian Hardwood Region, a significant lumber-producing region in the United States. According to the World Bank, in 2011, wood was the third largest product category of US goods exported to Iran, after intermediate and consumer goods. According to a 2016 Journal of Forest Science article titled, “Investigation of wood production and trading in Iran,” out of the total land area in Iran, “54% is covered by mountain ranges, 21% deserts, 7% forests and woodlands and 1% inland waters.” Iran’s top trading partners for the importation of wood products include China, Korea, Russia and Turkey.

West Virginia University visit, Morgantown, WV

In February 2017, Chamber staff enjoyed meeting with senior administration officials at West Virginia University to discuss the Chamber’s mission and issues impacting West Virginians.

“Healthcare in Iran” pharmaceutical company presentation, Seattle, WA

In October 2016, the Chamber’s trade compliance staff prepared an informational presentation prepared by Chamber staff to an international pharmaceutical company. The presentation addressed the status of healthcare and medicine in Iran, as well as business realities and compliance issues.

“Doing Business in Iran” pharmaceutical company presentation, Washington, DC

In May 2016, the Chamber’s trade compliance staff provided an informational presentation titled “Doing Business in Iran” at the annual trade compliance meeting of a major pharmaceutical company.