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  • Trade war reminds Chinese of Korean War May 21, 2019
    Tehran, May 21, IRNA/Global Times - Trade war with the US at the moment reminds Chinese of military struggles between China and the US during the Korean War (1950-53) as China's state television broadcast movies related to the war every day from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Iran 3rd largest honey producer: FAO envoy May 21, 2019
    Tehran, May 21, IRNA – Iran as a world pioneer in honey industry has managed to take the place of the third largest honey producer in the world, UN's Food and Agriculture Organization said.
  • Huawei to survive pressure May 21, 2019
    Tehran, May 21, IRNA/Global Times - China's Foreign Ministry voiced support for companies to use 'legal weapons' to safeguard their legitimate rights just hours after Google reportedly restricted Huawei's access to Android services in a move that Chinese analysts predicted would disrupt the global tech industry.
  • Iran, Turkey vow to strengthen economic cooperation May 21, 2019
    Tehran, May 21, IRNA – The Chairman of Iran-Turkey Chamber OF Commerce Reza Kami emphasized the development of trade and economic relations between the two countries during a meeting with the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Escandron, Turkey.
  • China dismisses US accusation of Intellectual Property theft May 21, 2019
    Tehran, May 21, IRNA/Global Times – Some in the US have recently cried foul, accusing China of obtaining an unfair advantage and stealing US intellectual property. Such deliberate hype about China's so-called IP theft is a bid to justify the US decision to escalate trade frictions and contain China.